Otter’s Preschool

Ljubljana will be a green city if its citizens will also be “green”. Therefore, it is important that we raise children into small “caretakers” of nature, who will treat it with care and respect. For this reason we prepared a project Otter’s Preschool, in which we carried out educational and creative workshops in kindergartens. With the project, we continued with upgraded educational activities for the youngest prepared in the framework of the project Merman in School 3, carried out in some kindergartens in Ljubljana in 2013. The selection of workshops covered various topics, mainly related to inland waters.

The children learned about the diversity of life (biodiversity) of inland waters. During workshop they learned about otter, the queen of water. We explored the water environment in nature. At the same time, we removed waste and thus contributed to the conservation of nature. By performing simple water experiments, we learned about some water properties and how different pollutants affect water and aquatic organisms. We learned about metamorphosis. In addition to aquatic organisms, we also discovered other mammals. We made footprints in various materials and casts from plaster. We have come to know one of the threats to biodiversity, which is increasing due to the construction of new roads – traffic. With the help of STOPHEDGEHOGE we learned that we need to be careful on the road and, in addition to our safety, we also have to take care of the safety of animals for which there are often no crossings.

Title: Otter’s Preschool

Applicant: Lutra, Institute for Conservation of Natural Heritage

Co-financier: The City of Ljubljana

Duration: 2014