Little Owl’s Home at the Ljubljana Moors

In 2014, we conducted the project Little owl’s home at the Ljubljana Moors. Our goal was to improve the little owl’s habitat by installing artificial nesting structures, which are used to replace the natural tree cavities in which the species usually nests. With the intensification of the agricultural practices at the Ljubljana Moors the numbers of secondary cavity-nesting birds disappear rapidly, therefore the installation of artificial nests is necessary for the conservation of these species of birds, including the little owl (Athene noctua). Within the project, we made a night survey using the play-back method with the help of 20 volunteers. We recorded the presence of one singing male in the vicinity of Notranje Gorice. We also installed 10 wooden nest boxes with the appropriate size for different species of cavity-nesting birds as the Little owl, Scops owl and the Hoopoe. We prepared and carried out 4 lectures for a primary school, secondary school and for the general public in which we presented the threats to the existence of endangered owl species and their habitats (e.g. old orchards) in Slovenia. The project was presented in many articles and other media, including a participation in a TV broadcast in cooperation with RTV Slovenia. Project activities were also published on our web site and on the Facebook profile.


Title: Little Owl’s Home at the Ljubljana Moors

Applicant: Lutra, Institute for Conservation of Natural Heritage

Co-financier: The City of Ljubljana

Duration: 2014