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Vision / Mission


By exploring otter’s life and distribution of this species in nature, we are trying to understand better its role and interdependence of species in natural aquatic ecosystems. If we are armed with knowledge, we can do much more for conservation of the species, its habitat – water and nature in general.

Nature is also our teacher and life companion. Everything we learn about it and from it, we try in different ways to make it more familiar to the widest range of people: we explain, raise public awareness, educate. We are aware of nature conservation being necessary, since the human species  reached too far into it with an evolutionary and social development. However, nature has an enormous defense and self-renewal ability. Between these two extremes is necessary to seek a brittle balance. Our organization seeks to contribute a small light into this delicate process.

Because of our sincere endeavour, directed towards the benefit of the nature and human society, we have decided for non-profit and from political structures independent activities. Nature will be the arbitrator of our successfulness.

Our mission will be completed when we will return their green cover to all rivers and streams, their winding way and when we will drink the water from the river mouth as carefree as from the source. Then will the kingdom of Aquarius rise again.

Who is who at Lutra?


Strategic Partnerships with Industry

In line with its business plan the Institute Lutra since its establishment strives to connect with partners from industry. On the one hand, the purpose of such integration is to give the opportunity and to encourage business organizations to actualize their social responsibility yet on the other hand with contents in the field of environmental and nature protection raise environmental awareness of partners from the economy at all levels.

We strive to find partners who share the vision and strategic directions with our Institute; we do not satisfy only with sponsorship or donations, but we are looking for substantive compliance.

For several years of endeavours and cooperation with the company Radenska d. o. o. (beverage bottling, based on mineral and spring waters), the Institute Lutra won in 2007 an award Navdihujočih 5: a “Good company” reward for the best examples of good practices of NGOs in the category of presentation of successful partnerships between economy and NGOs for the project TRI SRCA ZA VIDRO, a strategic partnership between NGO Lutra and company Radenska d. o. o. from Radenci. The contest was held with the support of Trust for Civil Society in Central and Eastern Europe.

Best LIFE projects in 2015

Every year the EU members together with the European Commission select the best LIFE projects which have been completed and evaluated in the past year. For the year 2015, they ranked among best three Slovenian projects, of which AQUAVIVA – Live Water from biodiversity to pipe got among the top 5 information projects. The award ceremony was held on 31 May 2016 in Brussels at the Green Week event. Recognition means that we have worked well and that the results of the project exceeded expectations. The selection of the best projects brought joy and satisfaction, and above all the enormous energy that once again pushed the LIFE wheel into new waters.

Basic Information

Lutra, Institute for Conservation of Natural Heritage

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Pot ilegalcev 17
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Pustovrhova ulica 6
1210 Ljubljana – Šentvid (Slovenia)

Phone: +386 (0)1 512 70 20
Fax: +386 (0)1 512 70 25
Cell phone: +386 (0)41 705 613 (Marjana Hönigsfeld Adamič)

E-mail address: info@lutra.si

OE Lutra pannonica, 
Otter centre Aqualutra:
9206 Križevci na Goričkem

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E-mail address: center@lutra.si

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SI56 0284 3026 5257 641 (NLB d. d.)

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The Institute is registered at District Court in Ljubljana, Nr. Reg. Insert: 1/30704/00.

dr. Miha Adamič, University Graduate in Forest Engineering

The Founder of the Institute:
Marjana Hönigsfeld Adamič, University Graduate of Biology