Following the Otter’s Knowledge

The purpose of the project “Vidrology” was to fill the new Otter’s centre Aqualutra in Goričko with educational and awareness-raising contents. In the project, the otter as an endangered and umbrella species of freshwater ecosystems was presented and promoted as a carrier of the quality of the continental aquatic environment in all the basins, regardless of political boundaries. Otter depends on the preservation of the water, so we disseminated fact about richness of the biodiversity of the Prekmurje and its natural values ​​and showed how we can preserve and protect them with a help of otter.

The project activities were mainly to improve the knowledge of the biodiversity of the wider area in all target groups, to present the basic principles of sustainable use of natural resources and spreading awareness about the role of each individual in protecting the environment and nature. The purpose of the project was to connect nature protection centers with similar goals and contents in the European space, to exchange experiences and to complement the offer. We visited related information nature conservation centres in Austria and the Czech Republic; gathered and prepared a lot of different didactic natural materials for education, which we stored in educational boxes made by the Pomelaj Rural Cooperative; prepared a practical guide for educational path; with wooden equipment in the open we demonstrated otter’s features while at the same time enabling the entertainment of young visitors of the centre; prepared school leaflets for pupils of primary and secondary school; carried out several workshops for children; printed the coloring book; prepared an informative publication about the Aqualutra centre and multimedia presentation (DVD) with a film.


Title: Following the Otter’s Knowledge

Acronym: Vidrology

Applicant: Lutra, Institute for Conservation of Natural Heritage


EEA Grants
Norway Grants

Duration: from July 2008 to March 2010