Stream, my good Neighbour

In 2003, the Lutra Institute got a nature conservation project entitled  Strean, my good neighbor (a set of nature conservation activities in the promotion of Natura 2000 Natura 2000 for the otter in Goričko). Originally, the activities consisted of 3 sets:

  • public opinion polls by target audiences with a questionnaire on the knowledge of otter, the relationship towards it (“human dimensions”) and the awareness of the connection of otter with preserved watercourses and other water ecosystems;
  • 3 pilot workshops on the theme Natura 2000 and otter in Goričko;
  • a smaller poster and a leaflet for the promotion of preserved waters as natural habitats and a rational use of water.

Due to the significantly reduced co-financing (only 25 % of the funds were allocated for the implementation), only one of the sets was carried out – pilot workshops for which we prepared a presentational CD. Preparation of nature protection projects in Goričko with the goal of education and awareness of local public administration and various target groups of the population regarding the natural values ​​and their protection in the institutional framework of the Goričko Nature Nark and within the possibilities provided by the Natura 2000 network, required a thoughtful and appropriate method of approach, that we have gained the favor of the local government for nature protection purposes. Workshops were extended to all 11 municipalities in the area (in the meantime) of the Goričko Nature Park. In September 2003 we prepared a presentation in each municipality or the nearest elementary school, which included basic information on the natural characteristics of Goričko and local specialties, emphasized the otter as a typical representative of protected species from the Natura 2000 list in Goričko, its characteristics and characteristics, threatened globally and locally (on concrete cases). We presented the course of two designed nature protection projects (the Danube and LIFE-NATURA) and defined the active role of the municipality / school in the projects. The entire presentation was aimed at the goal, to promote the emerging Natura 2000 protection area and to bring it closer to the target groups and to show the role of an emerging park in protecting valuable natural features.


Title: Stream, my good Neighbour

Applicant: Lutra, Institute for Conservation of Natural Heritage


Limnos d. o. o, a company for applied ecology
Kompas Peskovci husbandry hunting ground
Municipalities in the area of ​​Goričko Landscape Park (11)
Municipality Önkormányzat Felsöszölnök (Hungary)
Municipality Dödeház Község Önkormányzata (Hungary)

Funding program: Danube Regional Project – Financial support program for NGO projects

Duration: from 2003 to 2004