The project was designed for revitalizing and enriching the activities at Otter’s Information Centre AQUALUTRA in Križevci in Goričko. We have expanded exsisting activities for education and promotion of inland water ecosystems and otter as an umbrella species, with new ones  about nature conservation, good agricultural practices suitable for protected (Natura 2000) areas with an emphasis on biodiversity conservation and the development of a sustainable, nature-friendly tourism. We used different approaches, from direct contact (lectures of experts) through films, practical displays, guided learning pathways to interactive workshops; special attention was paid to the participation of target groups in agricultural activities and nature conservation campaigns which, as demonstrations of good practice, contributed to the preservation of endangered species, typical habitats and ecosystems of Goričko. We also restore some habitats and planted old varieties of high-trunk fruit trees.

Project activities, frontal, interactive and practical, were prepared for very different target groups: kindergartens, schools (science days and excursions for local schools and the wider region), local people (citizens, farmers, etc.), excursion groups of tourists, visitors of Goričko Nature Park and guests of thermal spas in region of Pomurje.


Title: Biodiversity under Otter’s Roof in Goričko

Acronym: Biodiversity

Applicant: Lutra, Institute for Conservation of Natural Heritage

Co-financiers: Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning

Funding program: Funds for environmental projects of non-governmental organizations for 2016 and 2017

Duration: from September 2016 to October 2017